All Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Vinh Long

Location of VÄ©nh Long within Vietnam

The approximately oblong-shaped province of Vinh Long sits on a long freshwater island, with the Tien Giang (Mekong) river running along its northern border as well as the Hau Giang (Bassac) river running to its south.

What is the best time to travel to Vinh Long?

There is an assortment of months in the year when the Mekong is regarded as with a rainy season and flood does occur. However, the rain might well arrive in the form of an mid-day shower, albeit heavy, with the rest of the day being more dry. The driest months go from October around to May and that’s regarded as large season. Nevertheless many undertake Vietnam travel right around the year as long as you’re prepared for some rain it is no real issue.

Lush and intensely cultivated with rice and fruits orchards. The province is criss-crossed with canals and tributaries all flowing into the teeming rivers that form its own borders. It’s surprising that the name Vinh Long translates to”eternal prosperity”.

Vinh Long in the Mekong Deltas has established itself as a eco-traveler destination. Along with its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City has made it a popular day trip. It’s 130 km south west of the City and its own capital has the same name as the Province. The the majority of the people are Kinh, Vietnamese. But there are little of Chinese and Cambodian Khmer.

Little of its history has been correctly documented though the sway of the French can be seen in its architecture within the Capital. There are Chinese temples as well as Buddhism sites. Nevertheless it is the natural environment that most of those on Vietnam vacation packages come to see and this Vinh Long travel manual will inform you more about it.

Transportations to Vinh Long

The bus services from Ho Chi Minh City and rear are regular through the day. Overseas visitors can fly directly into and out from the City. The railroad system is good from there to the rest of the nation. People on Vietnam tour deals might have everything arranged for them.

Top Sightseeings in Vinh Long

Temple of Literature (Van Thanh Mieu)

Van Thanh Mieu in the province of Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta is one of three Confucian temples of literature constructed in southern Vietnam in the 19th century. The name of the temple, Van Thanh Mieu, means “a temple worshiping the holy literary genius,” the title that was posthumously conferred upon Confucius, who Vietnamese call Van The Su Bieu or “the eternal teacher.” The Van Mieu in Vinh Long was built in 1864 and completed by the end of 1866 following the initiative of Phan Thanh Gian, a mandarin of the Nguyen Dynasty who was appointed as the education officer of Vinh Long in 1862. Situated on the river bank between two rows of ancient trees, the temple has an ancient and tranquil beauty which puts visitors at ease as they view statues of talented intellectuals on the grounds of the temple.Every year, Van Thanh Mieu holds traditional ceremonies on the fourth and fifth days of the seventh lunar month to commemorate Phan Thanh Gian.The temple also holds rituals on the twelfth and thirteenth days of the tenth lunar month to worship high-ranking mandarins.In March 1991, it was recognized as a national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Here is the epitaph by Phan Thanh Gian, with ancient guns. And one of the rare places where Phan Thanh Gian Temple was built.

Tien Chau Pagoda

Tien Chau pagoda is the most ancient pagoda in Vinh Long province. There are many spiritual values as well as physical values. Tien Chau pagoda was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national art and architecture heritage on December 12, 1994.
This name Tien Chau Tu (Tien Chau Temple) was officially accepted then. The present Tien Chau Temple is of the same size as that of 1899. Di Da Tu is an old temple and Bai Tien (the Fairy Beach) is a scenery spot so this place of interest has attracted lots of tourists. This Tien Chau Temple was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national art and architecture heritage on December 12, 1994.

Presently Tien Chau pagoda still kept the size of this pagoda in year (1889), include four roof top: forecourt, adytum, central palace, and backstage. Some areas that just tell defer to the four highest ranking court officials type, enlarged according to vertical and horizontal type owing to the plate rib and the hook rib. The frame set that made of valuable wooden, female and male tiling, around to build partitions.

Tien Chau Pagoda is one of the recognized national monuments.

An Binh Island

An Binh Island features rice paddy, charming wetland, and tropical fruit gardens where you can taste all kinds of the best fruits and experience boating travel on the beautiful rivers. There are numerous waterways, orchards as well as narrow cycle lanes. The island is geared for tourists within the constraints of the environment and has become a popular place for homestays. The quiet lanes of An Binh are serene and picturesque – perfect for casual cycling. The narrow lanes take you past traditional delta thatched home, friendly villagers and lush orchards and garden. The place is well worth a visit if you are in Vinh Long Province Vietnam.

An Binh Island

Vinh Sang tourist area

Located at the beginning point of An Binh islet running along Co Chien River, Vinh Sang tourist area belongs to An Binh commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province. Founded in 2005 with a total area of 2,2ha, the tourist area was invested to construct by a local businessman with the aim of professionally exploiting the tourism potential of the water region. Vinh Sang tourist area is considered as a “miniature Mekong Delta” with the tourism services associated with daily activities in the life of the ordinary locals in Mekong River Delta. The creativity has taken the tourist area to become one of the most fascinating attractions in Mekong Delta. It will take about 10 minutes from Vinh Long city center to An Binh by ferry, then you  will have a chance to take a stroll through the stretches of road spread the smooth concrete to Vinh Sang, one of the most appealing tourist areas in Mekong Delta. The path leading to Vinh Sang tourist area winds under the shade of dozens of species of fruit trees. If traveling by sea, tourists will have the opportunity to float on Co Chien River contemplating the waters in Mekong River Delta. The topography of Vinh Sang tourist area looks like a triangle with an edge running along Co Chien River, opposite Vinh Long city. Other edge is located in the north where retains charming My Thuan Bridge connecting 2 waterfronts of dreaming Tien River. Meanwhile, the other connects Vinh Sang with other fruit gardens in An Binh Islet. It is a prime location that helps Vinh Sang retain attractive scenery attracting the great number of tourists participating in Mekong Delta travel to the tourist area.

Fun experience. Enjoy a day out with many outdoor activies.

Vinh Long Market

Vinh Long Market is a traditional market in Vinh Long Town, where most of visitors choose as a destination after their trip in Cai Be.

My wife loves this place for lots fruits and sea foods. Ask the locals for sections where you can get home- grown fruits and vegetables and wild caught fish. Make sure to get up early!

Lots of stuff but only foods are worth to try. The food is really good and cheap too


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